Wonder Roller

Dermaroller, the beauty tool for the Micro-Needling treatment: regenerated and renewed skin thanks to the production of collagen and elastin stimulated by tiny painless needles.
540 MICRO NEEDLES 0.3 mm - AntiAging effect, Resurfacing action

  • It reduces blemishes thanks to the stimulation of collagen production.
  • The skin repair process rejuvenates it, increases elasticity and thickness.
  • Perfect for synergistic use with Wonder Company serums (bee venom, snail slime or caviar)
  • Suitable for combined use with cellulite and stretch mark creams.
  • Painless treatment (only a slight tingling).





The anti-aging device to combine with all your skin products:

Reduces blemishes, fine lines and scars and wrinkles

  1. Choose your serum/cream
  2. Roll the dermaroller over your skin
  3. Apply the serum or cream

Use it with the brand new Wonder Company serums specially formulated for use with Dermaroller: Beevenom Serum (bee venom serum, lifting effect), Caviar Serum (caviar serum, anti - age) or Snail Serum (serum with snail, regenerating and moisturizing)

Recommendations for use

1. Make sure the area to be treated is completely clean before starting
2. Never apply force during use
3. Use it once a week to allow the skin to rest
4. After a month you can use it even 2-3 times a week
5. Never use on large pores

For personal use only, do not share with other people
Not recommended for skin with serious imperfections
Not suitable for metal allergies
Keep out of reach of children

It is recommended to properly sanitize the instrument before and after each use, including the first one.
For a better use experience, it is recommended to change the angle while applying the Wonder Roller to the skin.

Data sheet

Prodotto per uso professionale
Scatola con porta Dermaroller in plastica con chiusura
540 micro-aghi
1 pz

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