The Wonder Company Book

When beauty meets fiction: six stories, six authors, one challenge: giving the best of oneself and at the same time talking about Wonder Company products to the readers, integrating them harmoniously within of the plot.

A challenge accepted and won, thanks to the undoubted charm of the products themselves, but also to the ductility of the pen demonstrated by a group of writers who agreed to get involved to live a new adventure, halfway between fiction and advertising.
The result? A compelling and enjoyable book from the first to the last page, demonstrating that writing is always the best way to communicate.

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The authors of the 6 stories

Fabio Gimignani

Action and Pulp writer, he loves ironic and romantic contaminations. He is also the publisher: his story was included in the anthology only to prevent him from taking the ball away.

Fabrizio De Sanctis
A pure crime writer. When he doesn't dabble in forensic practice, he is as close to George Simenon as you can imagine. His Sicilian Commissioner is the Florentine answer to Maigret.

Francesca Magrini
So kind and so honest it seems ... but when she walks the dark paths of the Noir fiction tou can understands how terrifying creatures harboring inside her that would even terrify Lovecraft.

Lorenzo Leoni
Passionate about history and re-enactor of rank, not content with interpreting the Black Bands or narrating the exploits with a style that suggests a successful reincarnation.

T. Sarafian
Coming from the border territories where the Slav Mafia thrives and rages, only a few essential details are known about him: he leads and writes. What else?

Valerio Amadei
Steampunk, Necropunk and a style so fluid you could surf on his words. A man of a thousand talents, he sips his appearances as you do with a good Irish Whiskey.

Genre: modern and contemporary fiction
Publisher: Jolly Roger
Format: Paperback
Published: 26/05/2021
Pages: 256
Language: Italian
Isbn o codice id9788831938556

9788831938556 ˖ Wonder Company ˖ Made in Italy

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